For information on speaking requests see below.

Speaking Engagements

29 December 2019
Peak Trinity, Bakewell
Jesus the Complete Sacrifice (Hebrews 9)

21 March 2020
Crosslinks Ireland
Christ the hope of the Nations: Isaiah’s Vision for World Mission

22 March 2020
The Crowded House Sharrowvale

3 May 2020
Headley Park Church, Bristol
Enjoying Church

20-24 July 2020
Keswick Convention
Bible Readings on Exodus

2-4 October
Keswick Forth Valley

Speaking Requests

My publishers are always happy to work with conference organisers to provide books.

Honorarium and Expenses

Apart from my part-time role with Crosslands, I rely on writing and speaking for my income. I don’t receive a salary for my work with my church plant.

As a guide to an appropriate honorarium I suggest taking the numbers of days I’ll be away from home and adding a day for preparation for each talk if I’ve chosen the topic and two days per talk if you’ve chosen the topic. Then multiply this by what you consider to be an appropriate day rate. Someone receiving the minimum wage earns £54 a day. Or you might consider it fair to pay me whatever you earn. As a guide, a person earning £25,000 per annum receives about £100 per working day.

The HMRC guidance for mileage expenses is 45p a mile.