ALBUMS (with songs I have co-written)

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Lord Jesus, build your church today

A new song written with Phil Moore for the centenary of the FIEC. It would make a good response to a sermon on our faithfulness to the truth, to unity or to mission, or for a church anniversary.

Lead sheet

Full score

Lord Jesus you have built your church:
you are our faithful, living Head.
Across the years the flame has passed,
across the earth the light has spread.

2.Lord Jesus build your church today:
may we be faithful to your word,
delighting in its glorious truth
rejoicing in its gracious Lord.

Keep us in the faith,
make us one in Christ,
pressing on in hope to win the prize.
Let the light still shine,
may the flame burn bright,
till the day your glory fills the skies.

3. Lord Jesus build your church today:
may we be faithful to your love,
one body bound by bonds of peace,
one holy bride for Christ our God.

4. Lord Jesus build your church today:
may we be faithful to proclaim,
to go and make your gospel known,
to go and magnify your name.

CCLU Song Number 7208501 (C) 2022 Phil Moore Songs (admin by Song Solutions Tim Chester Publishing (admin by Song Solutions Commissioned and written for the centenary of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches 1922-2022 (

The Apostles’ Creed

A setting of the Apostles’ Creed co-written with EMU Music.

I believe in God the Father, mighty and eternal Lord
He alone is the Creator, forming all things by his word
I believe in our Lord Jesus, God’s own Son who came to earth
Born a man, by the Spirit, by a virgin given birth

Sing praise to the Father, to the Spirit and the Son
Sing praise to our holy God, forever three in one.

2. I believe that Jesus suffered, on the cross he bore my shame
I believe that he was buried, then triumphant rose again
Glorified, he has ascended, seated at the Father’s side
He will come again in judgement, justice will be satisfied.

3. I believe the Holy Spirit comes to us from Christ above
I believe the church is holy, one communion in God’s love
I believe I am forgiven through the sacrifice of Christ
I believe in resurrection and in everlasting life

CCLI number 7201504 © 2022 Tim Chester, Liv Chapman, Philip Percival, James McDonald, Alanna Glover

A Fountain for the Crucified

A song loosely based on themes from John 4:13-14 and 4:34-38 (with a dash of Jeremiah 2:13) which I wrote with Phil Moore and Glen Scrivener.

Welcome Home

A modern Christmas song based on the theme of home written with Phil Moore for his Home for Christmas album.

Welcome, welcome Jesus’ birth,
born to make his Father known,
comes to us upon this earth:
welcome to our home.

Temple lamps burn through the night
through the darkness and the gloom,
sinners welcomed by the light
back to our true home.

Jesus Christ our King,
come to save your own,
with one voice we join and sing:
“Welcome to our home.”

God Almighty over all,
leaves behind his royal throne,
in exchange for stable straw:
this is now his home.

God eternal, heaven’s King,
clothes himself in flesh and bone,
joins us in our suffering,
makes our world his home.

Jesus Christ our King,
come to save your own,
with one voice we join and sing:
“Welcome to our home.”

Word made flesh, the light of life,
comes to those who are his own.
Yet we greet him with our spite,
force him from our home.

At his birth there is no room,
at the end he dies alone.
Yet he overcomes the tomb,
leading sinners home.

Father, Spirit, Son,
speaking from the throne,
come to us with words of love:
“Welcome to our home.”

© 2020 Phil Moore Songs | Tim Chester Publishing | Song Solutions

Each Day I Wake (With Grateful Hearts)

Co-written with Colin Webster and Phil Moore from Cornerstone Worship on the theme of God’s grace to us in creation and recreation. Here’s a lead sheet and the lyrics are below.

Each day we wake and light falls on our eyes,
The morning dawns and glory fills the skies
The word that spoke and darkness fled away
Speaks once again as night gives way to day.

2. Each day we wake your grace within each breath
To us in love you give the world afresh
The Spirit breathes the life each creature shares
This is your gift entrusted to our care

With grateful hearts we lift your name
With grateful hearts we shout your praise
Lord we will sing
We will sing of your unfailing grace

3. Each day we wake and see a broken earth
The scars of sin the shadow of the curse
Yet Jesus lives the firstborn from the tomb
The sign that soon you will dispel the gloom.


4. Each day we wake and see the darkness lift
Despite our sin this world is still your gift
And Christ shall come the earth will be renewed
Each day we wake we dedicate to you.


CCLI Song # 7140960 Colin Webster | Phil Moore | Tim Chester
© 2019 Colin Webster Songs (Admin. by Song Solutions
Phil Moore Songs (Admin. by Song Solutions
Tim Chester Publishing (Admin. by Song Solutions

Christ will be my hideaway (Psalm 91)

A song, co-written with Bob Kauflin, Nathan Stiff, David Zimmer, Lacy Hudson and McKenzie Fuller, which is based on Psalm 91Here’s the chord chart and the lead sheet.

I will dwell within the shelter
Of the God who reigns above.
I will rest beneath the shadow
Of the mighty King of love.
Though a sickness hides in darkness
Though a plague destroys by day
I will stand upon his promises
Christ will be my hideaway.

In You, my God, I trust, You are strong and here with us
In You, my hope remains, Christ will be my hideaway

Angels gather to protect me
When they hear my Saviour call
Sovereign hands are ever ready
To uphold me should I fall
Safe beneath his wings of refuge
All my fears are kept at bay
I am shielded by his faithfulness,
Christ will be my hideaway

Though a thousand fall around me
Though death looks me in the eye
Evil shall not have the vict’ry
While the Lord is at my side
God in power raised my Saviour
I no longer fear the grave
Through this fragile life and evermore
Christ will be my hideaway

Music & words by Tim Chester, Bob Kauflin, Nathan Stiff, David Zimmer, Lacy Hudson, McKenzie Fuller. © 2020 Sovereign Grace Worship/ASCAP, Sovereign Grace Praise/BMI

Eternal Father, Gracious King (Lord in your Mercy)

A song originally, co-written with Phil Moore and Ben Slee, to use in prayer meetings, but which also works well in a larger congregational setting. A live recording is available on the album ‘Longing’. Here’s the lead sheet. The lyrics are below.

Eternal Father, gracious King
we come to you in prayer,
accept the pleas your children bring,
enfold us in your care.

     Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer.
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer.
To your throne of grace we come
by your Spirit through your Son:
in your mercy, hear our prayer.

2. We come to you in Jesus’ name,
we plead his precious blood.
We leave behind our guilt and shame
secure within your love.

3. We come because the Spirit speaks
to calm our doubt and fear,
puts “Abba, Father” on our lips,
and calls us to draw near.

CCLI No. 7133132
Tim Chester, Phil Moore, Ben Slee © 2019 Admin. by Song Solutions (

We have been called to the feast

A communion song written with Matt Searle and Nathan Stiff from Matt’s album, Watches of the Night.

Lead sheet.

We have been called to the feast
To come without money and eat
‪There’s strength for the weary and hope for the poor
Here at your table, O Lord

2. We’re welcomed with arms open wide
You feed us with bread and with wine
Your mercy is seen and your promise is heard
Here at your table, O Lord

Blessed are all
You have called to the table
The lost and least
Will taste and see
You are faithful, forever faithful

3. The wolf will lie down with the lamb
Your ​glory will cover the land
​We taste of your goodness, the riches in store
Here at your table, O Lord.

Lyrics by Matt Searles, Tim Chester and Nathan Stiff. 
Music by Matt Searles and Nathan Stiff.

Remembrance Hymn

A song for Remembrance Sunday written with Colin Webster and Phil Moore.

Lead sheet | Full Score

O Lord, we look upon the past,
rememb’ring those who went before
who heard the call and bore for us
the brutal, bloody face of war.
We think of them and think of you,
who came to earth as one of us,
to share our pain and bear our wounds,
and make the final sacrifice.

2. O Lord, we look around today
and see a world in conflict still.
We pray for those who strive for peace,
who stand for truth or lives rebuild.
We weep with those whose hearts are scarred,
whose way is hard, whose hope is weak.
To refugees whose homes are lost,
God of all comfort, comfort speak.

3. O Lord, we look ahead in hope
to see the dawning of the day
when swords are beaten into ploughs
and every tear is wiped away;
when wounds are healed and fear dispelled
and all who trust in you arise;
when Christ, the Prince of Peace, has come,
and glory, glory fills the skies.

CCLI Song # 7120048 © 2018
Colin Webster Songs (Admin. by Song Solutions
Phil Moore Songs (Admin. by Song Solutions
Tim Chester Publishing (Admin. by Song Solutions

See Jesus stripped for majesty (Isaiah 53)

A setting of Isaiah 53 written with Colin Webster and Phil Moore, and sung at the Keswick Convention.

Lead sheet

See Jesus stripped of majesty:
he hangs disfigured on a tree,
a man of grief, by men betrayed,
like one from whom we turn away.
Led like a lamb without a sound,
in mockery with violence crowned,
a sacrificial offering,
atoning for his people’s sin.

O what amazing love.
I bow before the cross,
my pride reduced to dust.
What amazing love,
it overwhelms my soul,
my broken life made whole.

2. See Jesus cold within the grave,
cut off from life, our lives to save.
We thought that God had punished him,
but he was pierced for Adam’s sin.
Though we like sheep have often strayed,
our waywardness on Christ was laid.
To heal our wounds, he drew our pain;
to bring us peace, he bore our shame.

O what amazing love …

3. See Jesus once again draw breath
and rise to claim the spoils of death.
He sees the light of life again
and hears his ransomed people sing.

O what amazing love:
forever I will praise
the glories of your grace.
What amazing love:
I offer up my life,
a grateful sacrifice
for your amazing love,
your amazing love.

Colin Webster, Phil Moore, Tim Chester © 2018 Colin Webster Songs, Phil Moore Songs, Tim Chester Songs, admin. by Song Solutions (www

When the word of God

A song designed to be sung as we approach the reading and preaching of God’s word. Written with Phil Moore and sung at the Keswick Convention.

Lead sheet

When the word of God was first heard on earth
each hill and dale with love was drawn,
and the darkness fled, the chaos dispersed,
from the emptiness all life was born.

2. When the word of God to the prophets came
the Spirit breathed through every page,
so each word and phrase now carries Christ’s name,
and his glory shines from age to age.

Come, let us hear your precious voice
and send us our with hearts rejoicing.
All who have ears, come let us hear
how great, how great is our God.

3. When the Word of God in the cradle lay,
God’s love was clothed in human flesh.
The eternal Word through whom all was made
came into his world and took a breath.

4. When the Word of God made this world his home,
he calmed the storms and stilled the waves,
melted hearts that once had been made of stone,
spoke with words of life and emptied graves.

Come, let us hear …

5. As the word of God comes to us today,
may emptiness be turned to praise,
may our darkest fears be driven away,
as our glorious Saviour fills our gaze.

Come, let us hear …

Phil Moore & Tim Chester © 2018 Phil Moore Songs & Tim Chester Songs, admin. by Song Solutions (www

Look at Jesus in the garden

A setting of the story of Gethsemane suitable for the Lord’s Supper written with Colin Webster and Phil Moore.

Recording and lead sheet to come.

Look at Jesus in the Garden,
overwhelmed with agony:
full of sorrow, deeply troubled,
see him sweating blood for me.
Look at Jesus in the Garden,
turn his face towards the ground.
God Almighty, heaven’s glory,
now with perspiration crowned.

2. Look at Jesus in the Garden,
see the cup which he must drain,
cup of judgment for his people,
with the bitter taste of pain.
Look at Jesus in the Garden.
‘Father, take this cup away,’
hear him plead in apprehension.
But there is no other way.

3. Look at Jesus in the Garden,
Mighty King, eternal Son,
bows in love and full submission,
‘Father, may your will be done.’
Look at Jesus in the Garden,
see him rise where Adam fell,
see him go in resolution
to receive the thorns and nails.

4. Christ, I look in faith and wonder,
as I see you take my place –
this is love beyond description,
this the miracle of grace.
Christ, I come in faith and wonder
to receive the bread and wine.
Through your death and resurrection
I am yours and you are mine.

In the silence of the night

A new Christmas song written with Rob Spink.

Lead sheet

In the silence of the night
Bethlehem was still and calm,
Jesus stepped from heaven’s height,
Word-made-flesh in Mary’s arms.

2. In the darkness of the night,
as the cold air gripped the earth,
shepherd skies were filled with light,
angel voices sang his birth.

So let us sing and rejoice,
come, lift your heart, and lift your voice:
Let us join the angel’s song:
Glory to God and peace on earth.
Come, celebrate our Saviour’s birth.

3. In the sadness of the night,
angels sang of heaven’s Joy:
Glory be to God on high,
peace has come through Mary’s boy.

     So let us sing …

4. In the emptiness of night
shepherds saw the birth of Love,
empty hearts were set alight,
giving praise to God above. 

     So let us sing …

Your word alone is solid ground

A song celebrating the five solas of the Reformation written with Bob Kauflin.

Lead sheet

Your word alone is solid ground,
the mighty rock on which we build.
In every line the truth is found,
and every page with glory filled.

2. Through faith alone we come to you,
we have no merit we can claim,
sure that your promises are true,
we place our hope in Jesus’ name.

Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.
Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.

3. In Christ alone we’re justified,
his righteousness is all our please.
Your law’s demands are satisfied,
his perfect work has set us free.

4. By grace alone we have been saved,
all that we are has come from you.
Hearts that were once by sin enslaved,
now by your pow’r have been made new.

Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.
Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.

[Optional final verse for Reformation Sunday]

5. And on this Reformation day
we join with saints of old to sing;
we lift our hearts as one in praise:
Glory to Christ our gracious King.

Forth in your name

An adaption of a hymn by Charles Wesley written with Bob Kauflin.

Lead sheet

Forth in your name, O Lord, we go,
our labours to pursue.
You, only You, resolved to know
in all we speak and do.
The daily tasks you have assigned,
may we with joy fulfil;
in every thought your presence find,
and prove your good and perfect will.

In each moment we’ve been given
may we live to serve your name;
with the joy of sins forgiven
may your glory, may your glory,
may your glory we proclaim.

2. Preserve us from temptation’s snares:
hide us with Christ above,
above the thorns of earthly cares
and charms of worldly love.
Lord, help our minds to understand
our lives are in your view;
we labour here at your command,
and all our works belong to you.

3. May we take up your easy yoke,
with patience watch and pray;
looking to Christ, our only hope,
until that glorious day.
And from the grace that you impart
may we give back to you
obedient lives and joyful hearts
until your love makes all things new.

We believe

A setting of the Nicene Creed written with Rob Spink.

Lead sheet in A

Lead sheet in Bb

We believe in God the Father,
Lord almighty over all:
seen and unseen worlds created
by his will and at his call.
We believe in our Lord Jesus,
God from God and Light from Light.
Through him all things were created,
held together through his might.

We will worship God the Father,
we will worship God the Son,
we will worship God the Spirit,
triune God, the Three-in-One.

2. We believe in Christ our Saviour,
born of Mary, God made man.
On the cross he died to save us,
to complete the Father’s plan.
We believe he rose as promised,
conquered death, reversed the Fall.
Now he reigns and reigns forever;
soon he’ll come to judge us all.

3. We believe in God the Spirit,
who through prophets breathed God’s word:
through that word new life is given;
through that word God’s voice is heard.
We believe in baptised people,
sharing life with God above.
We await the resurrection;
we await eternal love.

Baptised in Christ

A setting of Romans 6 written with Rob Spink.

Lead sheet

Baptised in Christ who died our death,
who took our sin and broke its reign,
in him we live, our lives made new,
baptised in Christ, we rise again.

2. Baptised in Christ, the old is gone,
no longer bearing Adam’s name,
no longer ruled by Adam’s sin,
baptised in Christ, we rise again.

3. Baptised in Christ who died to sin,
who rose to conquer death’s do-main,
so when he comes we’ll live with him,
baptised in Christ, we rise again.

We thank you for the gift of life
to those once dead in Adam’s race.
We thank you for our life in Christ,
we thank you for your reign of grace.

4. Baptised in Christ, from sin set free,
no reason to obey its claims,
to righteousness we now are bound,
baptised in Christ, we rise again.

We thank you for the gift of life
to those once dead in Adam’s race.
We thank you for our life in Christ,
we thank you for your reign of grace.

We count ourselves alive to you,
we offer up the life you’ve won.
Help us to live as those made new.
help us to live in Christ your Son.

We’re a people

A statement of faith written with Rob Spink and Lucy Mitchell.

Lead sheet in A

Lead sheet in G

We’re a people with a future,
in a world that God makes new.
Christ will come again in glory,
Conquer death and sin subdue.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
God eternal, three-in-one,
sharing life and love forever
with the people Christ has won.

Hallelujah, Father, Spirit, Son
Hallelujah, may your kingdom come
Hallelujah, may your will be done.
May your glory fill the earth.

2. We’re a people with a history,
chosen before time began
Jesus came to earth as promised
Christ our saviour, God made man,
Adam’s curse he turned to blessing,
died our death and rose again.
Now he fills us with his Spirit
to proclaim his gracious reign.

3. We’re a people in the present,
given power from above.
Christ unites his baptised people
round the bread and wine in love.
Guilty sinners find a welcome,
grace restores us in God’s sight.
So our life and words proclaim him,
littering the world with light.

O Lord our Rock

A setting of Psalm 19 written with Rob Spink.

Lead sheet

O Lord our Rock, redeeming King,
your truth alone can comfort bring
when we are in distress.
Your perfect law revives the soul
And binds our wounds and makes us whole.
Your promise leads to rest,
Your promise leads to rest.
Your precepts make our hearts rejoice;
for in your word we hear your voice;
The voice of God above.
Your gospel breaks like break of day
to give us light to light our way,
To walk in paths of love,
to walk in paths of love.

2. Your statutes make your people wise,
illuminating darkened eyes
For your commands are true.
Your word is firm and will endure.
The fear that it evokes is pure
And binds our hearts to you,
and binds our hearts to you.
Your word is worth far more than gold for in it’s pages we behold:
The treasury of Christ.
It’s lines upon the tongue are sweet;
they lead us to our saviour’s feet
And his great sacrifice,
and his great sacrifice.

3. As your decrees are read and taught,
May every word and every thought
Be pleasing to you Lord.
Your Spirit’s power to all impart
That Christ may dwell in every heart,
And be our true reward,
And be our true reward.
May wand’ring hearts be warned from sin,
May troubled souls find peace within.
May Christ be our delight.
Forgive our faults unlock our chains,
And in our lives restore your reign:
Our hearts with love ignite,
our hearts with love ignite.

Jesus the Word

Written with Jo Tinker and Rob Spink.

Lead sheet

Jesus the Word speaks in the dark
lighting the spark of all we see
Jesus the Word rules through his promises
Lord over history
Jesus heals with a word and commands the waves
Jesus speaks to the dead and he empties graves

Word of hope from above,
word of light and love.
word of peace ending strife
Bringing joy and life.

2. Jesus the Word mute at his trial
and when reviled upon the tree
Jesus the Word silenced by violence
drowned out at Calvary
Jesus silent no more as he gathers breath
Jesus steps from the tomb and the grip of death

3. Jesus the Word message of love
rising above this noisy world
Jesus the Word gathers his people
as his command is heard
Jesus given a name over every name
to the ends of the earth we proclaim his fame

4. Jesus the Word speaks to our fears
comforts our tears with words of peace
Let all with ears come now and hear his voice
Let all your doubting cease

Come praise and glorify

A setting of Ephesians 1:3-14 written with Bob Kauflin.

Lead sheet and sheet music

Come praise and glorify our God
The Father of our Lord
In Christ He has in heav’nly realms
His blessings on us poured
For pure and blameless in His sight
He destined us to be
And now we’ve been adopted through
His Son eternally

To the praise of Your glory
To the praise of Your mercy and grace
To the praise of Your glory
You are the God who saves

2. Come praise and glorify our God
Who gives His grace in Christ
In Him our sins are washed away
Redeemed through sacrifice
In Him God has made known to us
The myst’ry of His will
That Christ should be the head of all
His purpose to fulfill

3. Come praise and glorify our God
For we’ve believed the Word
And through our faith we have a seal
The Spirit of the Lord
The Spirit guarantees our hope
Until redemption’s done
Until we join in endless praise
To God, the Three in One