I’m a writer, Bible teacher and church planter. I’m married to Helen and we have two daughters.


I am a pastor of The Crowded House in Sheffield, UK. Our  congregations or ‘gospel communities’ meet in homes and then come together for a regular ‘gathering’. We emphasise sharing our lives together rather than programmes and structures. ‘Ordinary life with gospel intentionality’ is one of our catchphrases. We are Reformed, evangelical and missional.


I am founder and associate director of the Porterbrook Seminary which provides an affordable, Bible college-level programme of study that enables students to integrate theological training with involvement in ministry through residential weeks, seminar days and distance learning. The Porterbrook Seminary is part of the Porterbrook Network.


I am the author of over 20 books on a wide variety of subjects but with a common concern to make the link between theology and practice.