Available for pre-order – Into His Presence: Praying with the Puritans

My new book Into His Presence is published on 1 September, but it available for pre-order from The Good Book Company.

It’s a collection of 80 prayers. About half of updated Puritan prayers and half are adapted from Puritan sermons. While I hope they offer a good introduction to Puritan spirituality, my priority has been to bring together prayers that people will want to pray, either individually or corporately. So they are organised around the occasions when you might want to pray them. All the sources for the prayers of given so you can go back to the sources.

Here’s an extract that gives a good feel of the contents. And here’s what some kind people have said about it …

BOB KAUFLIN, Director, Sovereign Grace Music

“Having read Arthur Bennett’s The Valley of Vision multiple times, I’ve always hoped someone else would mine the writings of the Puritans for more Scripture-drenched, Christ-exalting, God-glorifying, heartfelt prayers. My wait is over. Tim Chester has produced a volume eminently useful for private devotions, public gatherings and personal reflection. I expect his carefully chosen, thoughtfully organized, and beautifully edited prayers will serve the church for many generations to come.”

CHRISTOPHER ASH, Writer in Residence, Tyndale House

“These superb prayers model and teach a rich, deep devotion to God— Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Soaked in Scripture, they are wonderfully realistic about the life of faith. From a prayer for unbelieving children to a prayer with a dying Christian, with every style from the gripping logic of John Owen to the passionate warmth of Samuel Rutherford, these old believers walk with us in deepening our own lives of prayer. Tim Chester has done us a great service in editing and updating them so beautifully and clearly.”

LEE GATISS, Series Editor, The Complete Works of John Owen

“I greatly appreciate the effort Tim Chester has gone to in this beautiful book, not only to organise and translate the biblically and doctrinally rich words of the Puritans into a language I can pray myself today, but also to note where these exquisite treasures can be found in their original settings. Full of arresting images and comforting truths, this is a precious resource to come back to time and again for spiritual refreshment, pastoral challenge, and pure adoration of our gracious and sovereign God.”

SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“These pages are a great gift from Dr Tim Chester to help us ‘to glorify God, and to enjoy him for ever’ and to experience the love of Christ, as Paul says, ‘together with all the saints’. There is something in Into His Presence to help all of us to experience communion with God in every situation of life. Tim Chester has given us a treasure trove.”

ERIC SCHUMACHER, Pastor, author and songwriter

“The apostle Paul wrote that ‘we do not know what to pray for as we should’. All Christians find themselves, from time to time, knowing they need to pray but not knowing how. These prayers, taken from the writings of our brothers and sisters of the past, are a blessed guide to prayer when we lack words of our own.”

JOEL R. BEEKE, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“The Puritans knew their God, not just in their brains, but in the bruises of life’s afflictions, and they sought him with all their hearts. Tim Chester brings us into the Puritans’ prayer closet to learn from their devotion. Some of these selections are Puritan prayers, some are the thoughts and phrases of Puritan teachings freshly woven into prayers, and all are fervent pantings of the soul after the glorious, triune God.”

You can order it here from www.thegoodbook.co.uk (UK), www.thegoodbook.com (USA), www.thegoodbook.com.au (Australia) and www.thegoodbook.co.nz (New Zealand).