New books: Bitesize biographies

Just published by Evangelical Press are a set of short bitesize biographies that I’ve written. They look at the lives of six inspiring and interesting men and women from across the centuries. Each book is designed to be read in just an hour or two. The people covered are:

  • Aidan of Lindisfarne
  • John Wycliffe
  • Lady Jane Grey
  • Mary Jones
  • Thomas Cranmer
  • William Tyndale

Here’s an endorsements from Michael Haykin, Professor of Church History at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

“The stories of the lives of God’s people are central to his work in history. As the many mini-biographies and numerous names in Scripture testify, God is interested in the men and women and children his hands have created, their lives and their aspirations, and he longs for them each to know him and live for his glory. Little wonder, then, that God has used the writing and reading of such biographies for the edification of his people and the furtherance of his kingdom and the promotion of his glory. Here we have six such mini-biographies: their lives run over the course of a thousand years in differing worlds and with differing personalities, but all six of them saints and each of them a monument to divine grace. Read, and be blessed!”

The biographies are available from 10ofThose and Amazon.

They would make a great Christmas present!