Thirtyone:eight Report on The Crowded House

I welcome the Thirtyone:eight report on The Crowded House in Sheffield along with the opportunity the review process gave for so many people to tell their story and share their experience of the church’s culture. I fully accept the report’s findings, and I want to thank the review team for their diligence and care.

I want to express my profound apologies to all those who have been hurt by The Crowded House. I was part of the wider network of churches from 2000 and was an elder of the Sharrowvale congregation in Sheffield between 2010 and 2015. While there are things in the report of which I was unaware, it is also clear to me that at times I failed to take the action I should have taken. I am deeply sorry for this. I acknowledge my failings and offer my sincere apologies to all those affected.

While I remain committed to the broad principles underlying the vision of The Crowded House and Total Church, I want to take time to reflect in the light of the report on how these principles should best be implemented. There are important lessons for me to learn and I want to let these shape my future ministry as well as exploring with my current church what changes we need to make. To allow us prayerfully to consider our next steps, I will not be making any further comment at this time. I also want to express my gratitude to Grace Church Boroughbridge for their on-going support and to my fellow elders who, having read the report, have expressed their continued confidence in my leadership