New song: Each Day We Wake (With grateful hearts)

Here’s a new song which I’ve written with Colin Webster and Phil Moore from Cornerstone Worship on the theme of God’s grace to us in creation and recreation. Here’s a lead sheet and the lyrics are below.

Each day we wake and light falls on our eyes,
The morning dawns and glory fills the skies
The word that spoke and darkness fled away
Speaks once again as night gives way to day.

2. Each day we wake your grace within each breath
To us in love you give the world afresh
The Spirit breathes the life each creature shares
This is your gift entrusted to our care

With grateful hearts we lift your name
With grateful hearts we shout your praise
Lord we will sing
We will sing of your unfailing grace

3. Each day we wake and see a broken earth
The scars of sin the shadow of the curse
Yet Jesus lives the firstborn from the tomb
The sign that soon you will dispel the gloom.


4. Each day we wake and see the darkness lift
Despite our sin this world is still your gift
And Christ shall come the earth will be renewed
Each day we wake we dedicate to you.



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