New song: Eternal Father (Lord in Your Mercy)

Here’s a new song about prayer which I’ve co-written with Phil Moore and Ben Slee. It was originally written to use in prayer meetings, but in fact it also worked well at the Keswick Convention this year. A live recording is available on the album ‘Longing’. Here’s the lead sheet. The lyrics are below.

Eternal Father, gracious King
we come to you in prayer,
accept the pleas your children bring,
enfold us in your care.

     Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer.
Lord in your mercy: hear our prayer.
To your throne of grace we come
by your Spirit through your Son:
in your mercy, hear our prayer.

2. We come to you in Jesus’ name,
we plead his precious blood.
We leave behind our guilt and shame
secure within your love.

3. We come because the Spirit speaks
to calm our doubt and fear,
puts “Abba, Father” on our lips,
and calls us to draw near.

CCLI No. 7133132

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