New book: Decisions Made Simple

I have a new book out called Decisions Made Simple: A Quick Guide to Guidance which is published Evangelical Press.

As the title suggests, it’s a short book on decision-making. I wrote because I come across so much confusion and muddle thinking about decision-making. I was speaking to a group 100 young people recently and the majority of their questions were about how they should make decisions.

There are three reasons why I wrote it.

1. A lot of Christians seem to expect God to tell us what they should do. Sometimes this is coated with rather spiritual-sounding language; sometimes it leads to paralysis; sometimes it is used to justify people doing their own thing. I wanted to provide some clarity on the nature of God’s will.

2. I want to show how our decision-making should take place within community, taking the church into account and sometimes involving the church. I try to show why this biblical norm seems strange in our culture, why it’s actually vital and how it plays out in practice.

3. Basically, I’m a lazy pastor and so I wanted a short guide I could give to people. It ends with a simple checklist which you can walk through are you make decisions or help others do so.

We find decision-making is a bit of fault line. It reveals people’s attitude to God’s word and to God’s people. People can mouth all sort of platitudes about the Bible and the church, but their approach to decision-making reveals whether these things truly are a priority in their lives.

Decisions Made Simple: A Quick Guide to Guidance is available from