New song based on Psalm 30: ‘I called to you’

Here’s the first of three new songs I’ve written with Rob Spink (I’ll post the others in the coming days). This one is based on Psalm 30.

The lead sheet is available here. No demo as yet, I’m afraid.

I called to you; you heard my cry,
your mercy did not pass me by,
but to my rescue came.
You lifted me out of the depths,
you healed my soul, restored my steps,
I praise your holy name.

Your wrath against me, Lord, has gone,
nailed to the cross of Christ your Son –
his blood has set me free.
Now pardon comes to take its place,
my life secure in your embrace
for all eternity,
for all eternity.

2. You’ve set me free from death’s domain,
and made my feet secure again,
and I will sing your praise.
The dead lie silent in the grave,
but I will take the life you gave
and sing through endless days.

Though I may weep throughout the night.
yet joy returns with dawning light,
I raise my voice in song.
Your anger, Lord, was moment’ry,
your favour lasts eternally
through Jesus Christ your Son,
through Jesus Christ your Son.

CCLI Number: 7118919