New Song: We have been called to the feast

Here’s a new song which I helped write with Matt Searle and Nathan Stiff from Matt’s haunting new album, Watches of the Night. “We have been called to the feast” can be sung as a communion song. The tune (which I had nothing to do with) is that great combination of beautiful and simple. It’s gone down well with our congregation which is a good sign because we’re a small congregation without any accomplished musicians. Here’s a lead sheet.


We have been called to the feast
To come without money and eat
‪There’s strength for the weary and hope for the poor
Here at your table, O Lord

2. We’re welcomed with arms open wide
You feed us with bread and with wine
Your mercy is seen and your promise is heard
Here at your table, O Lord

Blessed are all
You have called to the table
The lost and least
Will taste and see
You are faithful, forever faithful

3. The wolf will lie down with the lamb
Your ​glory will cover the land
​We taste of your goodness, the riches in store
Here at your table, O Lord.

Lyrics by Matt Searles, Tim Chester and Nathan Stiff.
Music by Matt Searles and Nathan Stiff.