New song: See Jesus stripped of majesty (Amazing love)

Here’s another new song which was sung at this year’s Keswick Convention and which people have been asking for the lead sheet. I wrote the lyrics, and Colin Webster and Phil Moore of Cornerstone Worship wrote the music. It’s a setting of Isaiah 53.

Here’s a PDF of the lead sheet.

See Jesus stripped of majesty:
he hangs disfigured on a tree,
a man of grief, by men betrayed,
like one from whom we turn away.
Led like a lamb without a sound,
in mockery with violence crowned,
a sacrificial offering,
atoning for his people’s sin.

O what amazing love.
I bow before the cross,
my pride reduced to dust.
What amazing love,
it overwhelms my soul,
my broken life made whole.

2. See Jesus cold within the grave,
cut off from life, our lives to save.
We thought that God had punished him,
but he was pierced for Adam’s sin.
Though we like sheep have often strayed,
our waywardness on Christ was laid.
To heal our wounds, he drew our pain;
to bring us peace, he bore our shame.

O what amazing love …

3. See Jesus once again draw breath
and rise to claim the spoils of death.
He sees the light of life again
and hears his ransomed people sing.

O what amazing love:
forever I will praise
the glories of your grace.
What amazing love:
I offer up my life,
a grateful sacrifice
for your amazing love,
your amazing love.

Colin Webster, Phil Moore, Tim Chester © 2018 Colin Webster Songs, Phil Moore Songs, Tim Chester Songs, admin. by Song Solutions (www