New song: When the word of God was first heard on earth

Here’s a new song which was first sung at this year’s Keswick Convention, since when people have been asked for the lead sheet. I wrote the lyrics and Phil Moore of Cornerstone Worship wrote the music. It’s designed to be sung as we approach the reading and preaching of God’s word.

Here’s a PDF of the lead sheet.

When the word of God was first heard on earth
each hill and dale with love was drawn,
and the darkness fled, the chaos dispersed,
from the emptiness all life was born.

2. When the word of God to the prophets came
the Spirit breathed through every page,
so each word and phrase now carries Christ’s name,
and his glory shines from age to age.

Come, let us hear your precious voice
and send us our with hearts rejoicing.
All who have ears, come let us hear
how great, how great is our God.

3. When the Word of God in the cradle lay,
God’s love was clothed in human flesh.
The eternal Word through whom all was made
came into his world and took a breath.

4. When the Word of God made this world his home,
he calmed the storms and stilled the waves,
melted hearts that once had been made of stone,
spoke with words of life and emptied graves.

Come, let us hear …

5. As the word of God comes to us today,
may emptiness be turned to praise,
may our darkest fears be driven away,
as our glorious Saviour fills our gaze.

Come, let us hear …

Phil Moore & Tim Chester © 2018 Phil Moore Songs & Tim Chester Songs, admin. by Song Solutions (www