Free ebook: Filling Blank Spaces

Sojourn Network have kindly offered readers of my blog a free ebook entitled Filling Blank Spaces: “How-To” Work With Visual Artists In Your Church by Michael Winters. It is, as the subtitle says, about how churches can nurture artists and use their gifts for God’s glory. It’s my favourite title in a new series of Sojourn “How-To” ebooks. The reason I picked this one in particular is that does something nothing else I know of does. There are a number  of books that talk about a Christian approach to the arts, but Filling Blank Spaces gives some great ideas and practical advice on incorporating the arts into the life of the church.

To claim your free copy use the code TIM4FREE at the online store of the Sojourn Network website. The offer is open for seven days from Monday 4 December.

Filling Blank Spaces is part of a new series of short ‘how to’ ebooks produced by Sojourn Network. The otehr titles are:

  • Healthy Plurality = Durable Church: “How-To” Build & Maintain a Healthy Plurality of Elders by Dave Harvey
  • Life-Giving Groups: “How-To” Grow Healthy, Multiplying Community Groups by Jeremy Linneman
  • Before the Lord, Before the Church: “How-To” Plan a Child Dedication Service by Jared Kennedy with Megan Kennedy

Here’s the commendation I wrote for the series:

“The Sojourn Network how-to ebooks are a great combination of biblical theology and practical advice, driven by a commitment to the gospel and the local congregation. Written by the local church for the local church – just the job!”

If you buy any book from the series during December 2017 then 100 per cent of the proceeds go to support church planters.

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