A new Reformation song with Bob Kauflin

I’ve written a new song with Bob Kauflin to express some of the key truths of the Reformation. It’s a song that can be sung at any time, but this October is the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses so we hope it might serve to mark the occasion.

The truths of the Reformation are often summarised as five ‘solas’ (from the Latin word for ‘alone’): Scripture alone, faith alone, grace alone, Christ alone and to the glory of God alone (soli Deo gloria). Each verse takes one of these solas as its theme with the fifth sola (glory to God alone) forming the basis of the chorus. There’s also an optional fifth verse which can be sung on Reformation Sunday – the nearest Sunday to the 31st October.

The lyrics are below. Here’s a link to a lead sheet and chord chart. Bob has also recorded a demo which you can download here.


Your word alone is solid ground,
the mighty rock on which we build.
In every line the truth is found,
and every page with glory filled.

2. Through faith alone we come to you,
we have no merit we can claim,
sure that your promises are true,
we place our hope in Jesus’ name.

     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.
     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.

3. In Christ alone we’re justified,
his righteousness is all our plea.
Your law’s demands are satisfied,
his perfect work has set us free.

     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.
     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.

4. By grace alone we have been saved,
all that we are has come from you.
Hearts that were once by sin enslaved,
now by your pow’r have been made new.

     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.
     Gloria, gloria, glory to God alone.

Optional final verse for Reformation Sunday:
And on this Reformation day
we join with saints of old to sing;
we lift our hearts as one in praise:
Glory to Christ our gracious King.

Tim Chester and Bob Kauflin

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