The One True Story and The One True Light commendations

Yesterday saw the publication of my new book of advent readings, The One True Story, and the US publication The One True Light. Here are some commendations …

The One True Story

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This accessible devotional book helps us to experience a daily delight in discovering how our story connects with the ongoing story of Christ and all he is doing in the world. By drawing on contemporary examples from everyday life and words of worship from believers across the centuries, Tim Chester highlights passages of Scripture that challenge us with the down-to-earth implications of living lives that are centred upon Christ.

John Russell

Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Nottingham

Every year our advent candle builds expectation for Christmas, but it burns down to nothing. This wonderful book will create expectation and leave you feeling moved, joyful, thankful and awestruck. You will not be empty-handed or empty-hearted after spending a month with these devotions. Along the way, you will learn to see the riches of Christ in the Old Testament and feel a fresh impetus to see centrality of the story of Jesus in the pages of your Bible.

Adrian Reynolds

Director of Ministry, The Proclamation Trust

Have you become a Christmas cynic like me, jaded by a commercialized holiday?  Instead of saying ‘bah humbug,’ let Tim Chester take you past the trees and tinsel to the ancient biblical drama that led up to Jesus’ birth.  The One Trust Story connects the familiar Christmas story to God’s mighty works in the past, as well as to our lives in the modern world with freshness and delight.

Jeramie Rinne

Senior Pastor, Evangelical Community Church of Abu Dhabi

Every Christmas our hearts must be re-tuned to God’s glorious purpose for sending Jesus into this world. I heartily recommend Tim Chester’s, The One True Story, to do just that. Read it and you will once again resonate with the God of the universe who loves you through Jesus.

Barbara Reaoch

Director, Children’s Division, Bible Study Fellowship


The One True Story made me marvel once again at God’s amazing salvation plan. I thoroughly enjoyed journeying with Tim Chester to discover how Jesus is the fulfilment of the Old Testament, the hope of the world and the Lord of all! This is a book that will help you worship God and love Jesus more. Surely there is no better way to prepare for the wonder of Christmas than that?

Marcus Honeyset

Pastor, author and Director of Living Leadership

The One True Light

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If you’re looking for a fresh, creative, insightful, and thoroughly biblical and Christ-exalting guide for Advent, look no further. Tim Chester’s book, The One True Light, applies biblical theology to the first 18 verses of John’s gospel to show us how the Incarnation affects every aspect of our lives. Brief and simple enough for children, yet deep and rich enough for mature Christians, this is a book that inspires awe, wonder, and praise for Emmanuel, God with us.

Bob Kauflin

Director of Sovereign Grace Music

Most of us struggle to keep the main thing the main thing – and at Christmas, even more so! In this advent devotional Tim strips away all the unnecessary distractions and helps us focus on Christ. Journeying daily through John 1 we catch a fresh glimpse of Jesus and are invited into a deeper relationship with him – essential if we are to recapture the true meaning of Christmas.

Elizabeth McQuoid

Commissioning Editor and Trustee of Keswick Ministries

In this short, accessible book, Chester invites us to “join John in fixing our eyes on Jesus, the one true light”. As I read it, that’s exactly what I found myself doing. Buy it and read it. Buy another and give it as a gift. It’s an investment not an expense.

Steve Timmis

Executive Director, Acts 29

This is a book that churches should be handing out in bulk for Advent. With lucid biblical content, helpful application and superb prayers for each day, it surges with the comfort and joy of Christmas.

Michael Reeves

Director of Union and Senior Lecturer at Wales Evangelical School of Theology

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