John Piper’s Collected Works

In a recent review of John Piper’s A Peculiar Glory I rather foolishly said ‘I believe this may be the first book by John Piper not to have originated from sermons’. I thought I had remembered Piper himself saying something along these lines in an interview. But perhaps he added the words ‘recent’ and ‘major’ to the word ‘first’. Plus I’ve reached the age where I no longer back my memory in these kind of disputes – it’s proved unreliable too often.

Anyway, Justin Taylor has emailed me to say he estimates only about half Piper’s books originated as sermons. And he should know for it turns out he’s recently completed the task of edited Piper’s  Collected Works which are due out on 31 March 2017. They are already available for pre-order from and – all 8464 pages in 13 volumes. Justin cites Love Your Enemies, The Justification of God, Brothers, We Are Not Professionals, God’s Passion for His Glory, Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ, Counted Righteous in Christ, Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die, When I Don’t Desire God, God Is the Gospel, What Jesus Demands from the World, The Future of Justification, Think, A Godward Life, Taste and See … Well you get the idea!

But how can you have a collected works when John Piper is still alive and well and planning to write more books? Good question. The answer is that at some point Crossway will produce a future set of volumes. Justin writes:

Our basic criterion for selection has been to include everything that John Piper has written for publication in printed books, magazines, and journals. The result is 45 books, 60 articles and reviews, 23 forewords, and 42 chapters—totaling around 3 million words (all of this is in addition to his sermon manuscripts and online articles already available, free of charge, at

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