Life Explored

Tomorrow sees the launch of Life Explored – an exciting new resource from the Christianity Explored team.

Here’s the commendation I wrote for it …

Life Explored starts with the longings and fears of modern people to accentuate the contemporary relevance of the gospel. Each sessions begins with a beautifully-filmed story with amazing production values. These stories create the opportunity to demonstrate how the gospel powerfully fulfils our hopes and heals our wounds. It shows how the Bible story is our story. It adds up to a compelling presentation of the glorious, liberating news of God’s love to us in Christ. There’s no fudging the issues of sin, shame and judgment. But they’re connected to our experiences of frustration and disappointment. As a result the good news of God’s love shines bright and clear. By engaging our imaginations, Life Explored appeals not only to intellect, but also to our longings, hopes, frustrations and fears. The seven sessions walk people through the key moments in the Bible story – creation, fall, Abraham, exodus, Jesus, cross and resurrection, and the new creation. But each session works as a stand alone study so it doesn’t matter if people miss a session – plus Life Explored can be re-purposed for one-off events. The French philosopher Blaise Pascal once said that we need to make people wish the gospel was true before they’ll consider whether it is true. This is precisely what Life Explored does. It’ll make many people wish Christianity is true, creating the space for them to consider whether it is true.

Each session starts with a 7-8-minute mini-movie to get participants thinking and appeal to their imaginations. You then look at a passage from the Bible before watching a second 10-minute video which presents the gospel in an engaging way. This is followed by a look at a second Bible passage with plenty of opportunity for discussion and Q&A.

I’m very excited about this for all the reasons I give in my commendation above.

Life Explored is available from and along with more information.

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