New book: Exodus for You

Exodus for You, my latest contribution to the Good Book company’s God’s Word for You series, is now out.

I really enjoyed writing this book (and preaching through Exodus). Of course all the action of the first half was great. But I was also keen to do justice to the second half on the law and tabernacle. Too often we stop around chapter 20. But the second provides a rich ‘blueprint’, embedded in to the fabric of Israel’s law and tabernacle, of God’s salvation in Christ.

Here the blurb …

Without Exodus, we have an impoverished understanding of the nature of God, the achievement of the cross, the triumph of the resurrection and the identity of God’s people.

With his trademark Christ-centred clarity, Tim Chester walks readers through Exodus, making its great themes thrillingly clear to those new to the book, and unearthing wonderful new surprises for those familiar with it.

You can read through this book as a normal book… work through it as part of your daily Bible-reading routine using the questions for reflection at the end of each chapter… or use it to help you teach this book of the Bible, whether in small groups or from the pulpit.

Exodus for You is available here from and as well as, and


Until 15 July 2016, if you buy Exodus for You, you can get an Exodus Good Book Guide for free entitled Exodus: Liberating Love.

Exodus: Liberating Love is an eight-session group study that we’ve produced in the Good Book Guide series to accompany Exodus for You. Go to or, put both produces in the ‘shopping basket’ and enter the promotion code ‘FYEXOfreeGEXO’ at checkout.

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