Review: Invest your Suffering

Here’s a review from my favourite guest blogger, my wife, Helen …

Invest your Suffering by Paul Mallard is excellent. It reflects on the experience of Paul and his wife, Edrie, as they continue to live through her chronic illness. Telling their story in a warm but unaffected way, Paul is clear about the awful times they have had. But he also tells of how God spoke into their lives. Truths about God and passages from the Bible come alive as he explains how they cried out to God and God answered them. I was in tears every few pages – partly out of sympathy for their situation, partly touched by the love and tenderness of their marriage. But most of all I was moved by the beautiful, mysterious love of the God who suffers with us and for us. I whole-heartedly recommend this book to anyone who lives in a fallen world – so that’s all of us then.

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