Review from The Church Times

I enjoyed this review of The One True Light from The Church Times:

The One True Light is by Tim Chester, who is a pastor at Grace Church, Boroughbridge, in Yorkshire. Judging by the ten commendations on the cover, he is a noted figure in the independent Evangelical movement. He is apparently “insightful” and “thoroughly biblical”. Church Times readers should not be put off. This is a splendid book, full of — yes — “insights”, theologically orthodox, but imaginative and often deeply moving. His daily reflections, a verse at a time, are followed by passages for meditation culled from a wonderfully rich spectrum — medieval Roman Catholic, traditional hymns, modern worship songs, and even the Book of Common Prayer. I have never read any of his 40 or so books, but it was a joy to encounter an author one can truthfully describe as a catholic Evangelical.

The One True Light is available here from thinkivp. It’s not yet available in the US.

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