Review: A Wilderness of Mirrors

I recently received of a copy of my friend Mark Meynell’s new book, A Wilderness of Mirrors. It explores the reasons behind, and the gospel response to, the cynicism and conspiracy theories that mark our culture – the breakdown of trust from which the church is not immune. But before I could read it my wife grabbed it. Here are her thoughts.

This is a great book because it is satisfyingly intelligent without being unreadable. Mark brings reflections on history and philosophy to bear on the fears and anxieties of our lives today and shows how the Christian message relates to these. 

It is encouraging to see how Mark does not shy away from hard truths in our society and his personal experience. Instead he describes how experiences of being let-down, deceived and betrayed by authorities and individuals have led to a climate of mistrust and pessimism. 

Mark then does an excellent job of showing how Jesus and his church can provide an antidote to this; when Jesus is allowed to speak for himself and when his people are truly following their ‘foot-washing Saviour’. He finishes with a helpful overview of premodern, modern, postmodern and Christian world views. 

A Wilderness of Mirrors is available here from and thinkivp.

Here’s one of Mark short films introducing the issues covered in The Wilderness of Mirrors:

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