Hit the accelerator and feel the wind of the Spirit

Every Christian has the Holy Spirit. You can’t be a Christian without the Holy Spirit because it’s the Spirit who gives faith. But I wonder if some of us don’t ‘feel’ the work of the Spirit because we’re not on the frontline. We’re not on the frontline of the battle against sin or we’re not on the frontline of the battle for mission.

Imagine you’ve been driving a small car with a beat up engine which struggles to go much over 30 mph. Then one day someone gives you a powerful new car with a large turbo-charged engine. A week later you shock them by saying, ‘I haven’t really noticed much difference.’ But then they discover that you’ve never driven it over 30 mph. You’ve got this car that can accelerate to 70 mph in three seconds. But you don’t notice the difference because you’ve never hit the accelerator. Some of us don’t ‘feel’ the power of the Spirit because we’ve never hit the accelerator. Do not make your life so safe that you never have cause to notice the Spirit’s work.

Hit the accelerator and feel the wind of the Spirit.

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