The NIV celebrates 50 years (sort of)

Zondervan and Biblica are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NIV. It’s not actually 50 years since it was first published in 1976 (an event which I’m old enough to remember), but the 50th anniversary of the convening of the translation committee. For the record, the NIV is my translation of choice.

They have made various resources available at These include a free app, a free daily devotional email and a video of Douglas Moo lecturing on Bible translation.

Also exciting to see is a new study NIV Bible based on biblical theology edited by Don Carson. Here’s a video of Carson talking about the recent Gospel Coalition conference …

And here’s a promo video …

The NIV Study Bible will be available on 25 August here from and

UPDATE: For non-US readers the NIV Study Bible is now available from ThinkIVP.

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