Special offer on Mission Matters

My latest book, Mission Matters: Love Says Go, is published today by IVP. It’s a popular-level introduction to world mission and is part of Foundations Series of the Keswick Convention.

ThinkIVP are offering a special offer for readers of my blog. If you buy it through these links then you can enjoy £3 off the book and £4 off the eBook.

It looks like it will also be available in US here from amazon.com, but it can’t be pre-ordered yet.

Here’s the contents:

Part one: The God of mission
1. In the love of the Father
2. In the name of the Son
3. In the power of the Spirit

Part two: The story of mission
4. A promise for the nations
5. The hope of the nations

Part three: The who, what and where of mission
6. Everyone, with the church at its heart
7. Everything, with proclamation at the centre
8. Everywhere, with the unreached as the priority

Part four: The challenges of mission
9. The cultural challenge
10. The personal challenge
11. A big ambition and a big God

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