New books: 1 Samuel, Hosea and Prayer

I’ve just realised (in time for Christmas) that there are two or three books which I’ve had published this year that I’ve not mentioned on this blog.

1 Samuel for You

1 Samuel for You is my latest contribution to The Good Book Company’s God’s Word for You series (famous for Tim Keller‘s contributions on Galatians, Judges and Romans). My wife thinks it’s my best book ever. (But then she has only read two of my books.)

Hosea (Focus on the Bible)

Hosea is a popular-level commentary in the Focus on the Bible series (famous for the various contributions on the Old Testament historical books by Dale Ralph Davis). I’m not sure how I missed mentioning this – it was a fairly major undertaking!

You Can Pray

I have mentioned You Can Pray before. But it’s now out in the US from P&R.

All of these books (and more) are available in the US from my US Amazon store store and in the UK from ThinkIVP (with the exception of Hosea which is available  – along with the others – from my UK Amazon store).

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