The World We All Want – episode one

Here’s a taster of The World We All Want videos. Today is the day the DVD is published in the US.

As I’ve said in a previous postThe World We All Want is an evangelistic course that Steve Timmis and I wrote. It’s now available on DVD with a 10-minute talk for each session plus an animated summary. Here’s episode one …

The DVD and workbook are available in the US from The Good Book Company.

The DVD and workbook are available in the UK from ThinkIVP.

The World We All Want has a number of distinctives:

  • It starts with a strong point of connection – our common desire for a better world. This is the world promised in the Bible and glimpsed in the life of Jesus.
  • It traces the gospel through the Bible story as a whole. This is evangelism through biblical theology.
  • Having traced God’s promise of people who are his people, the invitation of the gospel is to become part of God’s people. So the church is not then an add on.


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