Discovering Jesus through Asian Eyes

The Good Book Company and the UK Evangelical Alliance has recently launched some great resources for sharing Jesus with people from Asia:

They are available in the UK from ThinkIVP and in the US from

Here are some commendations …

“Discovering Jesus Through Asian Eyes addresses Asian-flavoured concerns about Christianity with depth and simplicity.”
Wien Fung – Pastoral Worker, Chinese Church in London

“I am really excited about this course as it gives Christians today appropriate and sensitive resources with which to engage with colleagues, friends and neighbours from South Asia.”
Pastor Ayo Adedoyin – Head of Community Action, Jesus House, London

“In recognising the diversity of the communities we are a part of, this course will enable us to effectively communicate the Gospel in a relevant way.”
Roy Crowne – Executive Director HOPE

“A powerful resource that provides useful responses to some of the key questions raised by peope from Asian faiths. I wholeheartedly recommend this course.”
Davidson Solanki – Co-founder of The Gujarati Christian Fellowship, UK

“This is a powerful tool to open up dialogue in a non-threatening way with seekers, providing answers to questions commonly asked by South Asians who are thinking through the Christian message.”
Steve Uppal – Senior Leader All Nations Christian Centre, Wolverhampton

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