Gospel-Centred Preaching

Gospel-Centred Preaching is the latest edition to our Gospel-Centred series. I’ve written it with my good friend Marcus Honeysett, the Director of Living Leadership.

It covers all your might expect – the goals, foundations and practicalities of preparing and delivering sermons. But here’s what I think is more distinctive about it …

  • An emphasis on capturing the affections of our hearts for Christ (rather than merely a process of education) along with an exploration of what this means in practice.
  • A focus on ensuring our preaching is always a Christ-centred proclamation of the gospel.
  • A focus on ‘letting the text do the work’ so that the text itself provide the colour and variety to your gospel proclamation.
  • A section of preparing the preacher as well as preparing the preaching.
  • A workbook format with short practical chapters that groups (like leadership teams or staff teams) can readily look at together.

The focus is on sermons, but there are also a couple of chapters on interactive Bible studies. The format is similar to other volumes in the Gospel-Centred series although Gospel-Centred Preaching is about twice as long.

You can get a good feel for the book with this glimpse inside.

And here’s a commendation:

Initial reaction: oh no, not another how-to on preaching! Reaction after reading: this is great! It is theologically informed, practical, real and God-honouring. But above all, it is really encouraging! It renewed in me both a vision and a passion for getting on with communicating God’s word.
Mark Meynell, senior associate minister at All Souls Langham Place, London, UK.

Gospel-Centred Preaching is available from TheGoodBook.com and ThinkIVP.

Other volumes in the Gospel-Centred series are available from TheGoodBook.com  and ThinkIVP.

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