An evangelical theology of religions

My good friend, Dan Strange, has published his long-awaited book on other religions under the title “Their Rock is Not as Our Rock”: An Evangelical Theology of Religions.

How do we make sense of the way other religions can at times seem to reflect something of the truth yet at other times be so opposed to the truth? How can they at times be forces for good and other times violently oppose the gospel? Are their noble attempts to pursue God that merely fall short of the truth revealled in Christ or are they product of demonic activity that only deceive humanity?

Dan draws upon Reformed missiology to offer an explanation that encompasses all these realities. He develops this under the heading of ‘subversive fulfilment’. I’ve posted on subversive fulfilment before as well as drawing on the concept in Unreached.

I’m sure it will become the standard evangelical work on the subject for years to come.

“Their Rock is Not as Our Rock” is available here from and thinkivp.

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