You Can Pray commendations

Here are some commendations for my latest book, You Can Pray (available from and thinkivp).

“The subject of prayer can raise profound questions, fears, guilt and frustration in us all. Tim Chester answers with rich theology and practical wisdom. As ever he is Trinitarian, gospel-shaped and pastorally-hearted. By the end you won’t just believe the title, you’ll rejoice that, in Jesus, You Can Pray.” – Glen Scrivener, an ordained minister and evangelist.

“You may be thinking ‘not another book on prayer’ and so was I.  What I found was a book that challenged and stretched how and what I pray for. It was a refreshing reminder of the fundamentals of prayer and the end focus of glorifying God; however he chooses to answer our prayers.  Whether you’ve read a lot of books on prayer or none – this is well worth the read.” – Charmaine Muir, Minister for Workplace, All Souls, Langham Place.

‘A very encouraging and enjoyable read. It put a spring into my step and got me praying more than I had been.’ – Sam Allberry, Associate Minister, St Mary’s Church, Maidenhead; and author of Connected, Lifted and Is God Anti-Gay?

‘I am so grateful to Tim Chester for writing You Can Pray. It is gracious yet challenging, accessible yet theologically robust. If you’ve ever wondered why we need to pray, or how to get better at it, this book will help you enormously. In a crowded market, this is one of the few books on prayer I shall recommend unreservedly.’ – Pete Greig, founding champion of the 24-7 Prayer movement, Director of Prayer for Alpha International and Lead Pastor of Emmaus Rd church in Guildford, UK.

‘Enjoyment and prayer are words that are not normally associated together, but after reading You Can Pray you will not be able to separate them! Tim’s book is full of helpful insights into how we should pray, why we should pray and what we should pray. It’s simple to read, yet not simplistic, as it engages deeply with the biblical text and also with contemporary issues. The book addresses many of the challenges that hinder us from praying and is jam-packed full of encouragement and tips on how we can become great pray-ers. Having been in full-time Christian ministry for over twenty years, both in Africa and in the UK, I wish this book had been available when I first started out! It is a must-read for anyone who wants to make prayer easy, biblical and God-glorifying.’ – Andrew Chard, European Director for AIM International

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