Three in ten UK children have not heard of the crucifixion

The BBC new website has a report on a recent Bible Society study of young people in the UK aged eight to 15 and their parents.

“Surveys for the Bible Society found almost three in 10 young people were unaware the story of the birth of Jesus came from the Bible. A similar number of children had never read or heard about tales of the Crucifixion or Adam and Eve.”

Among adults things are not much better:

“Many of the parents who responded saw the Bible as a source of good values for their children. But almost half did not recognise the story of Noah’s Ark as coming from the Bible, and many confused Biblical stories with plotlines from well-known films such as Harry Potter.”

It’s a salutary reminder of the scale of the task facing the church in the UK and how few assumptions we can make as we proclaim Christ to our generation.

Please pray for the Acts 29 Europe conference ‘Multiplying Churches’ today and tomorrow.

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