Facebook and well-being

Here’s another interesting survey on the affects of using Facebook reported on the BBC New website. In summary:

“Results showed that the more people used Facebook, the worse they felt afterwards … The team also found that the more the participants used the site, the more their life satisfaction levels declined. The pattern appeared to contrast with interacting “directly” with people, which seemed to have no effect on well-being. But researchers did find people spent more time on Facebook when they were feeling lonely – and not simply because they were alone at that precise moment … “A number of recent studies indicate that people’s perceptions of social isolation (i.e. how lonely they feel) are a more powerful determinant of well-being than objective social isolation.” Colloquially, this theory is known as FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – a side effect of seeing friends and family sitting on beaches or having fun at parties while you are on a computer.

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