Round up: adoption, change, busyness and coming clean

Here are a number of news items …

Together for Adoption

The 2013 Together for Adoption National Conference is taking place on October 4-5 in Louisville, KY. I commend it to you! Here’s a video to encourage to attend …

You Can Change at Open the Word

I’m speaking at the Open the Word day conference in York on 12 October 2013. The theme is ‘You Can Change’. You can book and get more information here.

Cristianos Superocupados

Publicaciones Andamio, part of the IFES movement in Spain, have published by book The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness in Spanish as Cristianos Superocupados. They are also translating You Can Change, Total Church and The Ordinary Hero. Cristianos Superocupados is available in Europe here. They should also be available in due course in the United States through Libros Desafío.

Coming Clean

Luke Gilkerson of Covenant Eyes has written a free e-book entitled Coming Clean: Overcoming Lust Through Biblical Accountability which is available here. He says: “I wrote this e-book to help Christian accountability relationships to thrive, helping accountability partners to know how to keep the gospel at the centre of their relationship while they ask each other the hard questions. It’s basically a handbook for accountability partners, especially those who already use Accountability Software and are looking to take their accountability up a notch.”

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2 thoughts on “Round up: adoption, change, busyness and coming clean

  1. Pastor Tim,
    I am a church planter in Upstate New York, United States.
    We won’t be able to make it to your talk at
    However I am looking to teach a mini series based on your book to our gathering and local college students. Any chance I would be able to see your outlines to get a head start?

    Thanks sir for all you do,
    keep blessing Jesus.

    In His Grace,
    for His Glory.

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