Creature of the Word

Top quotes from Matt Chandler, Josh Patterson and Eric Geiger, Creature of the Word: The Jesus-Centred Church, B&H, 2012.

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Creature of the Word is a book about what it means to create gospel-centred churches and how we can do this in practice. The ‘creature of the word’ is the church for the church is brought into existence through the gospel.

I’m not going to do a proper review. Instead today I’m posting a few favourite quotes from the book. Later I’ll post on my favourite chapter and offer some reflections on one theme in the book.

“Worship gatherings are not always spectacular, but they are always supernatural. And if a church looks for or works for the spectacular, she may miss the supernatural.” (42)

“The gospel must continually form community.” (51)

“If mission engagement is in the culture of a church without continual gospel reminders, the tendency will be to drift towards mission as a way to cleanse the conscience rather than a response to God’s mission for us. If expressive worship is in the culture of a church without continual gospel awareness, the tendency will be to focus on what is done for God rather than remembering what he has done. If transparency and honesty are in the culture of a church without continual gospel encounters, the tendency will be to discuss the sinfulness without repentance.” (102-103)

“C. S. Lewis quoted Samuel Johnson who said, ‘People need to be reminded more than instructed.’ Charles Spurgeon said, The most important daily habit we can possess is to remind ourselves of the gospel’ Remind the people you serve of the gospel. Continually.” (197)

“Prayer reveals the posture and priorities of our churches … Prayer (of the lack thereof) is the litmus test regarding our beliefs about self-sufficiency and dependence.” (219)

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