Has Facebook reached its peak?

My book on Facebook and social media is published and Facebook looses 600,000 UK accounts in one month. What can I say?

Seriously, this is an interesting article. Facebook still have over 33 million users in the UK. That’s over half the population and second only to the US where 54% of the population (169 million people) use Facebook each month.

Oh, and the drop came before my book was published.

Will You Be My Facebook Friend? is available here from thinkivp.com and amazon.com.

3 thoughts on “Has Facebook reached its peak?

  1. Hi Tim – Just ordered 2 copies of this from thinkivp.com. Great job!
    I’m not on facebook myself – it just doesn’t interest me – and I’m trying to make as many “real” friends as possible, for the gospel. But it’s such a massive thing, I feel I need to check it out – I hope your book will be a big help in that area.

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