What we believe about God and how we relate to God

Last month Bruce Wesley from Clear Creek Community Church in Texas preached for us in The Crowded House Sheffield.

He said ‘what you believe about God shapes how you relate to God’. He went to talk about three ‘doors’ of revelation that each reveal something true about God. The three doors as creation, the law (or our innate sense of moral obligation) and Christ. It is the third door that gives the fullest picture of who God is. Each door leads into a life shaped by the truth it reveals. But only the third door leads to salvation.

You can hear the sermon here.

I produced a worksheet following the sermon for our gospel communities and I thought I would share it. You could use to either with the sermon as a stand alone resource. It encourages people to think about how a person would relate to God given the different understandings of God the three ‘doors’ of revelation provide. But the key move is then to ask people where they are in each row. The exercise will help reveal how they actual think about God.

The important thing in terms of application is not to ‘try harder’ to live with God as our Father.  We move into that world by walking through the third door of revelation that is by looking to Christ and letting him reshape our view of God.

I’ve include a version with blanks boxes that you can fill as a group exercise and a version with suggested answer.

The PDF worksheet is available here.

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One thought on “What we believe about God and how we relate to God

  1. Tim, thank you. This is incredibly helpful, and pastoral. Reviewing and remembering the pointers from the worksheet after listening to the sermon can be genuinely perspective-changing (and, therefore, life-changing) as follower of Christ. Thank you for posting this.

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