New look, new partner you can see I’ve given my blog a fresh look. I’m also changing my primary partner for book sales outside of North America. I’m teaming up with thinkivp, the retail arm of IVP. thinkivp does not just sell IVP books, but stocks a wide range of Christian publishers. The prices of thinkivp products compare well with other sellers, especially Plus they offer a couple of key advantages:

1. All thinkivp books are trustworthy. You may not agree with everything, but you can be confident they share broadly evangelical foundations.

2. 20% of every thinkivp purchase goes to support the training of Christian leaders in poorer countries. That’s something you don’t get from Amazon!

Sadly thinkivp cannot ship to North America. But North American readers can continue to support this site by using my store. If you are buying products which are not available on thinkivp then you can continue to support this site by buying from My books are also available from the Good Book Company.





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