10 thoughts on “the complete three year plan

  1. With due acknowledgement of course, may I suggest this for use in our church, Tim (Whittlesey Baptist, CAMBS)?

  2. Yes, feel free to use this. (Note the ‘copyright permission’ section in one of the right-hand margins which includes a link to the creative commons guidelines.)

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  5. The post on 23/12/2013 that links to this says that includes a 2-year plan, but it doesn’t seem to. Could the 2-year plan be posted, please? Thanks.

  6. Hi Tim, we’ve created and used a French translation of this 3 year plan (here: http://www.eglisedelagarenne.fr/uploads/6/6/0/0/660092/plan_de_lecture_d%C3%A9pliant__5_.pdf) and we’ve credited like this : “Ce plan de lecture a été conçu par Tim Chester (timchester.wordpress.com). CC. Creative Commons.” Is this OK? I’m just doing it for another church and I see that actually you’ve put (c) Tim Chester 2008 on the documents. Is it better to actually just put that on rather than the CC line? Thanks for the plan, I find it personally very helpful. Trevor HARRIS

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