Urban Harvest and leadership

More quotes from Roy Joslin’s Urban Harvest to mark the thirtieth anniversary of its publication …

The New Testament knows nothing of a ‘one-pastor’ church where the leader is imported into the local situation for a number of years and then moves on to another local church. In the early church, men were selected from a local church, trained within that local church, and then called to the service of that local church. An apprentice-trained, non-mobile, indigenous team of local church leaders may be new to our thinking, but it is possible to show that this policy is soundly biblical and eminently practical. (257)

It is no use a mother bird (or church) saying to its offspring, ‘You are not leaving this nest until you have proved to me that you can fly’. God does not make parachutes for birds or churches! As soon as it is right, the mother should gently but firmly ease the young life out of the security of the nest. The wings of faith will do the rest! (197)

Urban Harvest is available here from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. This month IVP are publishing my latest book, Unreached: Growing Churches in Working-Class and Deprived Areas, was written with the Reaching the Unreached network.