Sibbes on our duty

Another quote from Richard Sibbes (via Mike Reeves):

Our duty is to accept of Christ’s inviting of us. What will we do for him, if we will not feast with him? We will not suffer with him, if we will not feast with him; we will not suffer with him, if we will not joy with him, and in him… That which we should labour to bring with us is a taste of these dainties, and an appetite to them… The chief thing that Christ requireth is a good stomach to these dainties … Let us open our mouth wide, since Christ is so ready to fill it. We are not straitened in his love, but in our own hearts… We are bidden to delight in the Lord, and in whom should we delight, but where all fulness is to be had to delight in? Our spirits are not so large as those blessed comforts are which we are called to the enjoyment of.

Sibbes features in Mike Reeves’s excellent book, The Good God (UK title) or Delighting in the Trinity (US title). Mike has also written three other books looking at lessons from historical figures. The Unquenchable Flame is available here from and Breeze of the Centuries is available here from and And On Giants’ Shoulders is available here from and