Urban Harvest and the importance of community

More quotes from Roy Joslin’s Urban Harvest to mark the thirtieth anniversary of its publication …

The Christian gospel requires the working man to leave ‘the world’s side’ and to step over to ‘the Lord’s side’. Now this is a hard thing for the working man to do. Apart from the gracious work of the Holy Spirit, it is a harder thing for a working class person to do, than it is for the middle class person. The middle-class man will have a more individualistic outlook than will his working class brother. (124)

It is only on reflection that I have seen why the group structure can be so helpful to the working man in this inner-city community. In the security and sense of belonging that the group provides, the Holy Spirit can draw a person ‘from the world’s side’ over to ‘the Lord’s side’, without requiring that he should abandon all previous ties in order to move to into another group. (125)

Urban Harvest is available here from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. In October IVP are publishing my latest book, Unreached: Growing Churches in Working-Class and Deprived Areas, was written with the Reaching the Unreached network.