Sibbes on transformation

Another quote from Richard Sibbes (via Mike Reeves):

The very beholding of Christ is a transforming sight… If we look upon him with the eye of faith, it will make us like Christ; for the gospel is a mirror … that when we … see ourselves interested in it, we are changed from glory to glory, 2 Cor 3:18. A man cannot look upon the love of God and of Christ in the gospel, but it will change him to be like God and Christ. For how can we see Christ, and God in Christ, but we shall see how God hates sin, and this will transform us to hate it as God doth, who hated it so that it could not be expiated but with the blood of Christ, God-man.

Sibbes features in Mike Reeves’s excellent book, The Good God (UK title) or Delighting in the Trinity (US title). Mike has also written three other books looking at lessons from historical figures. The Unquenchable Flame is available here from and Breeze of the Centuries is available here from and And On Giants’ Shoulders is available here from and