Reaching the Unreached: Part 4

Worshipping God our Saviour

Here’s the fourth theme from my summary talk at the recent Reaching the Unreached conference

‘God our Saviour’ is a repeated phrase in Titus (1:3; 2:13; 3:4).

1. God is other people’s Saviour

‘We must fight the urge to fix people.’ (Mez McConnell) Instead we proclaim the gospel. God is their Saviour. One of the things I like about the Reaching the Unreached network is a sense of conscious dependence on Spirit reflected in prayer.

2. God is my Saviour

We often find identity in ministry or in success. If you try to find identity in ministry, then estate ministry will crush you. It is not a good way to make a name for yourself! (Julian Rebera’s seminar on keeping going talked about the danger of pretending things are going well when they are tough.)

So the key thing to remember is this: We find identity in the grace of God. God is my Saviour. There will be days when everyone seems to be going wrong. But nothing can alter this fact: God is our Saviour.

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