Richard Sibbes on the liberty of the Spirit

We recently had Mike Reeves come to speak to the leaders in The Crowded House on the Puritans’ view of Christ. Over the coming weeks I’m going to post some of the great quotes from Richard Sibbes that Mike shared with us.

Sibbes features in Mike’s excellent book, The Good God (UK title) or Delighting in the Trinity (US title) which I’ve already commended on this blog. Mike has also written three other books looking at lessons from historical figures.

Here’s the first quote from Sibbes:

When we are drawn therefore to duties … with foreign motives, for fear, or out of custom, with extrinsic motives, and not from a new nature, this is not from the Spirit. This performance is not from the true liberty of the Spirit. For the liberty of the Spirit is, when actions come off naturally without force of fear or hope, or any extrinsic motive. A child needs not extrinsic motives to please his father. When he knows he is the child of a loving father, it is natural.


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