Can you recommend good books and resources on how to give evangelistic and apologetic talks to unbelievers?


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  1. I’d second both of those recommendations – Keller is a good model of an Acts 17 like approach. I read Chapman years ago – also his book “Know and tell the Gospel”

  2. Setting hearts on fire has to be the foundational resource here:

    I have seen this book highly recommended (although it is not Christian): How to hold an audience without a rope:

    Good Book Company is working on a new title for next year called “preaching like a train driver” (working title) which aims to do a lot of nuts and bolts things about speaking/preaching that many of the more rarified books on preaching assume someone already has under their belts… watch this space.

    I suspect the particular skills for giving apologetics talks is completely different – and I’m not sure I know of a comprehensive resource, but here are few ideas to get you going:

  3. Hi Tim T, any chance you (The Good Book Company) or Matthias Medua could reproduce Chappo’s Giving The Talk as a DVD or even put them on Vimeo? I’ve found it a great resource for training people, but I only have a VHS copy and I don’t have a VHS player any longer. Tim

  4. The best website on apologetic talks / CU lunchbars is written by Alex Banfield-Hicks, a great apologetic speaker who works for UCCF (although now moving on to other things). Check it out here:

  5. Also have a look at:
    Buckle-Dykes, Sarah, ed. How to Speak at Special Events. Christian Focus, 2007.
    Howard, Donald, ed. Preach or Perish: Reaching the Hearts and Minds of the World Today. Kingsgrove Press, 2008.

    Chappo’s Setting Hearts on Fire is the best.

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