Gospel-Centred Leadership

The latest book in our ‘Gospel-Centred’ series is now out. In Gospel-Centred Leadership Steve Timmis, my friend and colleague in The Crowded House, and Director of Acts 29 Western Europe, “helps us think through what shape, colour, and texture the gospel gives to leadership.”

I’ve not had the chance to read it yet, but Steve is brilliant at being rigourously gospel-centred and, having worked with him for 12 years, I really appreciate his leadership.

Here’s what they say …

Our world is awash with Leadership trainers and gurus, claiming to show how people can do their job better. But Christians only have one role model for leadership in practice – the Lord Jesus Christ. And the leadership he calls us to is radically different to the kind of leadership the world looks to. It is humble and servant hearted. Use this book to grow into the servant-hearted leader that God wants you to be.

“In this no-nonsense guide to leadership, Steve takes us through the biblical data and helps us assess ourselves and those we are seeking to train. Written in a study format this would be a great book for your leadership teams or training groups.”
(Adrian Reynolds, Director of Ministry, Proclamation Trust)

Gospel-Centred Leadership is available here from The Good Book Company in the UK and in the US (from September 1st).


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