Titus for Church Planters: Part 13

This call to be discipling one another may mean you are now thinking, ‘How do I do this?’ ‘How do I disciple someone?’ ‘How do I be one of these older women teaching younger women?’ ‘What does it mean to be a spiritual father to someone?’

Well, verses 7-8 may help. This is how Titus is told to do it. ‘In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech …’ There are two things here.

First, set an example. Open up your life. Have people in home. Take them with you when you do things. Let them see the way you live. Let them see your marriage and your parenting. Of course, you won’t always model godly behaviour to them. But then you have an opportunity to model the impact of God’s grace in our lives.

And, by the way, it’s not all about the Bible. It’s also teaching someone to bake a cake, manage a budget, check the car oil, hang a shelf, write a CV. One of the lovely things about the church is that it’s a place where we can learn ‘life skills’.

But, second, teach them the gospel. Read the Bible together. And teach them, notice, with ‘integrity’: in other words, live what you teach. Teach them with ‘seriousness’: in other words, love what you teach, show that it matters. And teach them with ‘soundness’ or ‘health’, in other words, teach what will lead to spiritual and emotional health. And that means more than telling people what they should do. It also means telling them why they should do it.

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