Life in The Crowded House

Here’s a video we in The Crowded House have made describing our life and vision …

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8 thoughts on “Life in The Crowded House

  1. Great video, having just finished the book, everyday church it helps further fill in some blanks. As a minister in a rural community, where we’ve and older congregation and many people have to commute to be part of our church and therefore few live close to one another, I think the challenge of your book, of making gospel communities is what to do, when there is no easy geographical access to one another, without getting in the car to drive for 20 minutes. I wonder what you’re thoughts on that are, together what to do with folk whose spouses are not Christian, or are no longer interested in being part of a church? Gospel communities might well be a step too close for some. Love to know your thoughts. Great book, all the same and some wise helpful words. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the video Tim. I’m going to share it with my gospel community tonight to encourage & inspire them with what God is doing in Sheffield.

  3. Tim – Greetings, brother! I’m a long-time follower of your blog, learning much!

    LOVED the video! IMHO – it’s too long. For instance, from 1:10-1:30 it’s just video of the city. Good intentions – but you may lose people before the good stuff kicks in. I would recommend editing it down to under 5 minutes. Sometimes less is more.

  4. Hi Tim and TCH,

    This is a magnificent video and brilliantly casts vision – I have used it several times to show people the kind of church we want to build in Dublin.

    I agree that some city shots could be cut and the thing could be shortened by 1-2 minutes

    Keep up the good work TCH – you are doing great stuff. I think there are 2 big tensions that you hold very well. You are (a) hugely inspiring but also brilliantly realistic and ‘reach-able’ (I feel I could do it) and (b) theologically robust but have worked through application in terms of discipleship, community and mission. Love it!

    Will continue to crib all your best stuff!!

    God bless

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