Titus for Church Planters: Part 8

Titus 2:1-15

Let me tell you about John Miller. John led the church plant in London with which we were involved before we came to Sheffield. He was converted in his twenties after being in the merchant navy.

He played a huge role in my development as a leader, as a Christian, and as a man. I’d only been married three years and we’d just bought a house. So I went to John for advice on DIY, on cars, on life. One of the first things we did together was replace the guttering on our house.

He and I co-led the church, but he was ten years older than me and it was clearly a relationship in which he was the senior partner. When we disagreed I followed his lead. I trusted his wisdom more than my own.

He was a big influence on my preaching. He knew how to make an impact in a sermon. I learned from him a willingness to try new things and to change what we were doing for the sake of mission. We were both working full-time and saw him pouring himself into ministry. He used to prepare sermons on the train to and from work. He had a big vision for world mission. More than anything, he taught me how to pray. Prayer for John wasn’t a duty. He prayed as if everything depended on God.

I thank God for his influence on my life.

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